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The EFLI Lands Gibran Hamdan the only Pakistan player to play in the NFL

The EFLI is proud to Announce Gibran Hamdan, the only known Pakistan Player to ever play professional football in the NFL, as the EFLI Executive VP in charge of uniform, merchandise design, and retail sales. 

Gibran Hamdan is a former NFL quarterback who was originally drafted by the Washington Redskins and then later joined the Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Gibran was also recognized as NFL Europe’s 2006 Offensive MVP. After retiring in 2010, Gibran single handedly launched a clothing line, after two short years, selling directly online, the brand has achieved tremendous success.

Gibran is now an investor and owner of the EFLI and will join alongside EFLI’s Brandon Chillar ( NFL player of Indian descent) as significant ambassadors to introduce the game of Football to their respective countries of Pakistan and India for the EFLI.

“I am thoroughly excited for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow the EFLI Brand through design. Fashion and design are two of my greatest loves, as demonstrated through my work with my company Alial Fital & then combining my third love – the game of football – seriously exciting stuff!”

“Furthermore, I’ve always felt proud of my heritage as Pakistani/Palestinian American and what I’ve been able to achieve here. Being able to reach the top level of the America’s favorite sport and then starting a company that focuses on American Made products, I more than anyone can understand the truly transformative power the game of football can have.”

“If in some small way my involvement with the EFLI can shine a light on the beautiful aspects of the Pakistani region, inspire kids from various cultures to appreciate that hard work and dedication can help you achieve your goals…I would consider it a great achievement.”

With 180 million people, Pakistan is a gigantic country.  It is the 6th most populous country in the world and is the 27th largest in terms of purchasing power.

Pakistan’s Independence History has been characterized by conflicts with neighboring India. The EFLI will focus on the Pakistan Indian rivalry to act as an undeniably powerful catalyst to drive the citizens to their TV sets to watch the new game in the region, Football.

The Pakistan market is a wide open market for the growth of Sports through television.

Interestingly, English is the official language of Pakistan (and soon Football will become the official Sport). Unifying Pakistan and India through the game of Football telecast on Ten Sports will be showcased for all the Sub-continent World to see.

These two neighboring countries used to be united as one.  Today they have nuclear warheads facing one another.

Respect and unity brought by our EFLI games of India vs Pakistan rather than division of warfare is very valuable to the United States and the World.

Laughter, amity, assimilation, friendship and joy are all currently being shared on our/EFLI Football playing fields between the men and boys of these two countries.

This telecast commercial appeal of the worlds most sought after sporting rivalry of India vs Pakistan is very valuable to the EFLI.

One billion people watched India vs Pakistan play in the last World Cup of Cricket semi-final match in 2011. India’s population is 1.2 billion or 4 times larger than the US and has grown by 300 million people in the last 20 years alone.

India is such an important country for planet earth because of its geographical location, it’s size, it’s growth, the fact that it’s a democracy based on English Law, and it’s close ties to America.

Maybe so goes India, so goes planet earth.

It gives us great pride to help unite India, Pakistan and the USA through sport.

Friendship between the people of the United States, India and Pakistan could mark the beginning of World Peace.

Now, let’s capitalize on the largest growing markets in the world and most sought after sport rivalry in the world, utilizing the most powerful sport in the world, Football; telecast it on the largest sporting network in the region, Ten Sports and reap rewards on all fronts!

The EFLI would like to pay special thanks and appreciation to Janice Foreman, EFLI’s Chief of Staff for contacting both Brandon Chillar and now Gibran Hamdan.

Richard Whelan Co-CEO – “After meeting with Gibran in person, I quickly realized how important it was for the EFLI to add his winning personality, power and intelligence to the team. I couldn’t be any more happy that he agreed to join, he is a total winner.”

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