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Commercial Expert Donates Time and Talent for EFLI Vision

Commercials for the likes of Google, YouTube, Lady Gaga, Sketchers, Pepsi and Amstel Light command upward of $500,000 to 5M. Chris Crutchfield is the man they seek to create such commercials.

Mr. Crutchfield certainly has a full calendar and holds big name corporate inquiries at bay. However, when approached by Sunday Zeller, Co-CEO and Founder of the EFLI, Chris decided that he would make room in his schedule to hear the story.

After their meeting, there was no question that he would offer his time and talent, fly immediately to Sri Lanka with his crew, armed with the newest state of the art cameras.

Chris will dedicate the weeks just prior to the opening game of the inaugural season to create the finest promotional telecast product to be aired on Ten Sports for all of South Asia to experience this summer.

The EFLI makes no exception when it comes to airing top notch quality viewing, even when it comes to commercials to be aired during the games.

Here is an example of his work:

Mr. Crutchfield takes his rightful place among the distinguished panel of broadcast and TV’s best and most well recognized. Just when you thought this team couldn’t get any better, this most sophisticated and reveled videographer steps in to join the winning team.

Richard Whelan Co-CEO for the Elite Football League of India said ” I am beyond excited to know that the EFL will have some of the best commercials on Indian television”

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