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ASIRI Surgical Hospital Official Sponsor of the EFLI

Asiri Surgical Hospital is one of Sri Lanka’s largest with the latest medical technology and complete facilities. The hospital will represent the EFLI at all season games and remain on site with two ambulances, one doctor and three medically trained staff on hand per game.

They will also provide medical facilities at the hospital for minor injuries. “On behalf of the EFLI, I am absolutely thrilled to have this well respected hospital aligned with us and on hand along with our staff of physios to ensure the utmost care in safety and injury prevention during the games. The well being and long term health of our players has been a personal concern of mine.

While every player is fully insured through the league, the EFLI strives to make ground breaking advancements in the prevention of injury rather than on remedy.

We are investigating new technologies in all equipment to ensure that our athletes have the best defense system available. In addition, we are funding research to develop new technology in sporting gear in hopes that the benefits will reach beyond the EFLI, perhaps even aiding the U.S. and football players worldwide.”-Sunday Zeller, Founder, Co-CEO.

Dr. Vanketesh Movva represents the EFLI as Medical Director, residing in Oklahoma but frequenting India to keep a watchful eye on the league’s medical staff and supplying them with the most up to date information on safety, remedy and prevention.

“Being associated with American Football for years, I do feel this is the most exciting and entertaining sport in the world. Keeping health and safety a priority, the EFLI is involved in various initiatives providing the best sports medicine to all our athletes. I see our athletes as strong, healthy, and well trained to rock South Asia with this new brand of sport entertainment.”

The EFLI is especially grateful to invite the services of the hospital into the league’s family of sponsors; proud to offer top tier medical services to our athletes through the hospital network.

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