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Sportscaster Mark Lewis Completes Efli On Air Team

And you thought the Olympics were in London this summer! It seems that the top tier on air sports talent can’t board the plane to Sri Lanka fast enough. As the EFLI’s inaugural season quickly approaches, the most highly recognized talent in sports broadcasting are coming together to guarantee the highest level of production.

Along with with Sandy Grossman, Paul Crane, Tom O’Grady, Chris Crutchfield, and Evan Rosenfeld the most recent addition to the team is the highly touted and well respected Mark Lewis. Mark Lewis is an Emmy award winning sportscaster on air for over three decades. Lewis began his on air career in 1979.  Since 1987 has called the Phoenix Arizona area home, spending 15 years on KPNX TV NBC as an anchor reporter in the 12 News sports department.

Lewis has covered Super Bowls , World Series and NBA Finals. Most recently served as halftime host for Tostitos Tribute to the Troops  on ESPN for the 2011 BCS Championship Football game in Glendale, Arizona between Auburn and Oregon.  Mark and his partner Chris Coraggio started an online sports casting school www.realworldsportscasting.com this past year to educate aspiring young sports broadcasters. Mark plans to incorporate this experience in education to facilitate the training of Asian broadcasters to produce top quality broadcasts for the seasons to come.

Mark supports philanthropic organizations including CHW Chandler Regional Hospital Founders Circle, the fundraising arm of the hospital. Mark and his wife Susana have been married 22 years, and reside in Chandler with their two daughters, Marisa 19 and Erica 17.

As the league grows and the team of top tier people grows as well, it is imperative that we remember the origin of the league as the message that grew from the heart of the most destitute area of the earth, Mathare slums, Nairobi Africa. For the team has come together pulled by their heartstrings and not by their wallets. Please recognize that every name that is added to this list is participating because off the significance and the potential of this league to make a real global change in an area of the earth that has suffered for so long.

India will play Pakistan on neutral ground.

Creating peace.

The EFLI applauds each and every one who has joined this cause. We applaud your bravery and your pioneer. You will undoubtedly be the makers of history beyond just the game.

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