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Sports and Entertainment Brand Visionary Joins EFLI

The Elite Football League of India (EFLI), the newly launched Professional Football League in Southeast Asia today announced that Tom O’Grady, founder of Gameplan Creative and former Global Creative Director of the National Basketball Association, has joined the company as EVP, Brand Development and Game Experience Consultant.

Since May of 2011, Mr. O’Grady has worked closely with EFLI Co-CEO’s Richard Whelan and Sunday Zeller to build the Elite Football League of India brand and oversee a wide range of efforts including marketing, social media and the creation of the new League and its eight teams logos.

Tom is working on introducing the most popular sport in the US to a new audience of over 1.2 billion people.  This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take American’s Passion: Football and to shape and mold it into the World’s most desirable entertainment property is beyond words.

O’Grady has created the original 8 logos with 4 additional to be presented in the coming weeks. According to Tom, “Commiting to a five year term was a no brainer. The US has 9 cities with population of 1 million or more, India alone has 50. Pakistan could easily support an entire league on its own and they have the sporting appetite to do so. After visiting that part of the world, it is clear to me that this league has the potential to become bigger than anyone has ever imagined. I anticipate that with the colleges as well as the pros, I will design well over 100 more logos.

“I’ve been a big part of the global explosion of the NBA in the ’90′s and was there when the game went from a national afterthought to an international obsession. And here we go again with the EFLI!”

Mr. O’Grady will supervise an award-winning creative group in Chicago including award winning designer Megan Wood and production expert, Patricia Aguilar to handle video, multimedia, interactive and brand development projects for the EFLI.

“We are delighted that Tom is expanding his role with our League,” enthused Sunday Zeller, Co-CEO of the EFLI. “There aren’t many other individuals on the planet with his brand visions and design experience, not to mention his accomplishments including his NBA success, his role rebuilding the Chicago Blackhawks and his work with the EFLI.”

“People interact with sports and entertainment entities on a very personal level,” Tom O’Grady noted. “Sports brands are motivated by emotion and by passion and it’s our mission to bring the passion to every EFLI brand touchpoint.”

After being hired by NBA Commissioner David Stern, O’Grady spent 12 years with the NBA, helping to shape one of the strongest brands in the world. He supervised the brand identity of 29 NBA teams, 16 WNBA teams and 8 teams in the newly formed NBDL, the NBA’s minor league. He also helped attract a global audience for the brand, creating a new legion of fans. In his role, O’Grady influenced how professional basketball is packaged in broadcast and print media, as well as at NBA.com and in the NBA Store, New York’s lucrative retail destination. As a result, he has influenced the vibrant and pervasive personality of the NBA in today’s popular culture.

Mr. O’Grady also developed and extended the brand for USA Men’s & Women’s Basketball programs. In 2002, he led a group of top designers in the creation of five exhibit spaces in the newly rebuilt Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA.

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