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First Lady of Football in Pakistan Joins the EFLI

As an influential business owner in the Washington, D.C. metro area and mother to the only Pakistani NFL Football player & D-1 College Football Coach ever.

Laila brings a unique and enriching perspective to the development of the EFLI and American football to both India and Pakistan. "I could not be more excited to promote and develop the game I love to a region that will benefit tremendously from the ideals of the sport. This is a terrific opportunity for me to show the people of India and Pakistan what great life lessons the game of football can teach, as it did so well with my own 2 sons.  Furthermore, I hope to highlight the teamwork and unity that permeates the game and strive to empower the people of the India and Pakistan to embrace those characteristics in their lives"

"When I was introduced to the concept of football in India and Pakistan, I know it would be an instant success. The idea is nothing short of pure genius. I immediately met with the CEO and within 24 hours, I was an owner. I plan to ignite the league through my contacts in Pakistan and throughout the world. The American people cannot begin to grasp the intensity of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. It is due time that the two countries face each other peacefully on a field of utmost masculinity. I, along with the EFLI hold hope and conviction that this might begin a future of peace between the two countries through controlled aggression on the playing field and peaceful respect outside the gates of the stadium. "

  • Laila Hamdan is more uniquely qualified to be an ambassador for football in Pakistan than anyone alive:Her son Gibran Hamdan, former NFL Quarterback and NFL Europe MVP, is the only Pakistani player to ever reach the top level of the sport
  • Her son Bush Hamdan, current D1 College Coach at the University of Florida, is well on his way to a brilliant coaching career after his time spent as a QB at Boise State University
  • Successful Business Owner- Aesthetics Institute of Cosmetology, since 1999
  • President American Women's League of Kuwait, 1990/91
  • Vice-President American Friends of Pakistan, Washington D.C. 1995/96

"I wholeheartedly welcome Mrs. Hamden to the EFLI and our Board. I anticipate her involvement to facilitate acceptance and bridge the gap of misunderstanding and ignorance between the people of Pakistan and the US. She will represent unity personified as an historic figure to be respectfully regarded and honored for her pioneering spirit and powerful feminine energy. I am absolutely delighted to present her as our Executive Vice President of Development for Pakistan." Sunday Zeller-Co-CEO EFLI

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