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EFLI Joins with TMS Sports to Protect Players

 Sunday Zeller, Co-CEO of the Elite Football League of India, and TMS Sports, LLC recently agreed to provide all EFLI players with the latest technology incorporating a cooling system in their shoulder pads.

The TMS system, developed in conjunction with the University of Florida, uses a compressor to provide dry cool air, circulating at 200 times a minute, directly into the player's shoulder pads. Ms. Zeller's personal commitment to the EFLI players led her to purchase the state of the art system for the teams in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. "The extreme heat and humidity during play has been a serious concern for me. Dehydration and fatigue as well as the effects of elevated body temperature are cause for concern as these factors lead to injury, exhaustion and even heat stroke in extreme cases. It was never a question whether we would employ the TMS system to provide this cutting edge equipment to significantly reduce the effects and risks of extreme weather conditions."

Ms. Zeller further commented on her gift to the EFLI; "This is an opportunity for the EFLI to be involved in the evolution of technology and equipment for all participants in the game of football. I have been on the field. I love each and every player in the league. I have seen the passion and intense drive that fuels the non-stop running and hard hitting. These young men love the game and give all they've got to excel on the playing field. I take serious responsibility for the health and well-being of all the players both long and short term. I am beyond delighted to provide superior cooled shoulder pads for their protection. The EFLI is also researching several advanced technologies for the manufacture of helmets to provide far better protection than that which is currently available."

TMS Sports has also committed to be an official sponsor of the EFLI.  Former ALL PRO NFL player Bill Bates has also committed to spend the necessary time on the sidelines in India to train teams on the proper use of the system. The TMS system has been used by the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, University of Florida, Northwestern, Syracuse, Wake Forrest, University of Tennessee and many others. 

With high heat and humidity, players need proper hydration.  Heat-related illness is second only to head injuries as a cause of death among athletes in the United States. The TMS system is a revolutionary product that acts like a player's personal air conditioner which could change how we keep players hydrated and limit the possibility of heat stroke.

Coach Vince Lombardi reportedly said: "Fatigue makes cowards of us all."  He always looked for ways to give his players an edge over the fatigue factor.  The TMS system provides that edge.  With the TMS system, coaches are reporting fewer players with problems such as cramping, severe fluid loss and heat-related fatigue.  It enhances a player's hydration as he "makes the effort to win", and allows the player to be a difference-maker for a longer period of time in games by reducing the "fatigue factor".  The legendary Coach Gene Stallings said this "TMS is a great way for a coach to let his players know how much he cares about them."

For more information on the TMS System please visit their website at www.tmssports.com

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