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EFLI and IntelaText Revolutionize Fantasy Football

 EFLI and IntelaText Revolutionize Fantasy Football

The Elite Football League of India (EFLI), American football has just scored a game-winning touchdown by securing an exclusive partnership with leading mobile innovations firm, IntelaText. This is the first time in sports history that a major mobile technologies firm specializing in fan engagement will help launch American football in a burgeoning and booming country.  The EFLI is growing exponentially and expected to surpass the NFL in fan engagement in the next few years.  Contracted with sports’ premier television channel Ten Sports, the league has doubled in size from 8 teams in Season One to 16 teams in Season Two with an additional 16 expansion teams gearing up for Season Three, totaling 32 teams in all.  League owners include three time Super Bowl quarterback and two time MVP, Kurt Warner; award winning actor, Mark Wahlberg; three time Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys, Michael Irvin and former coach of the Chicago Bears and TV sports commentator, Mike Ditka. “We have more desire for ownership than players to fill the roster. American football is taking off faster than anyone could have imagined,” says Sunday Zeller, Founder and co-CEO of the EFLI.

“We built a unique and scalable model that enables the EFLI to easily expand and meet the entertainment needs of what is soon to be the world's largest middle class market. EFLI is quickly becoming much more than a game for the people of India. It is part of a movement whose success proves that the people are demanding to be engaged and entertained in new ways. We are excited about our partnership with IntelaText, the world’s leader in mobile technology and fan engagement.  In addition, we have attracted the most outstanding entertainment talent in the world to our team attributed to the league’s philanthropic emphasisto make significant and favorable differences in the lives of millions throughout India and the world. The EFLI theme song was composed by Adonis Shropshire winner of three Grammy Awards and regarded as a top song writer and producer.  Another outstanding member of this prestigious team is Chris Crutchfield, an acclaimed advertising director along with Emmy Award-winning Ed Goren, former President of Fox Sports.  The country is growing increasingly hungry for diversity in sports on Television, favoring American culture and the most desired gladiator sport called “Football”.

The EFLI will birth a completely new University program where students will be offered an opportunity to learn the game and play at an early age. They have the potential to earn a scholarship receiving an education that otherwise, may not have been possible. The best of the university players will, of course, feed the EFLI expansion and offer career opportunities within and around the game itself.  With 5x – 7x the market of the U.S., what better sport than American football to fill this insatiable desire for fans of all ages," continued Ms. Zeller.

First Step – Fantasy Football:  IntelaText has revolutionized the U.S. version of fantasy football into something much simpler and vastly more rewarding for participants, communities, players, sponsors, and fans alike.  Rather than complicated matrix charts with draft picks and statistics which often require an intimate knowledge of the game, the EFLI will release limited edition digital trading cards which can be purchased in either individual units or player packs for just a few dollars ($1-10 U.S.) to an astounding 1.2 billion people (in India alone) who are excited to engage in the game in this unique way.  These fans will be able to enjoy all the benefits of holding individual player cards and watching their players rise to fame before their eyes.  Plus, fantasy trading card ownership brings tangential benefits to the community in which they reside by offering prizes, scholarships, and community gifts every time that player does well in a game.

"The U.S. version of fantasy football does not really allow for the players, sponsors, and communities to prosper along with the fans," says Andrea Busse CEO of IntelaText, "and is much too complicated for mass scale and appeal in a region of the world only now becoming familiar with this great sport. Since one of the main purposes of the league is to support kids and communities, we have developed an innovative solution which will generate billions of dollars for sponsors, schools, kids, and communities alike," continued Ms. Busse.

“Using U.S. players as an example, imagine purchasing a Peyton Manning digital trading card (for just $3.00) which rewards you with free food, free activities, and free entertainment each time he throws a touchdown pass,” stated Steve Schroeder CCO of IntelaText.  "The immediate benefits are one thing but in addition to the local prizes and rewards, card owners will receive entries into a custom Mobile Digital Drawing Engine which allows them to place their entries into selected categories to win automobiles, scholarships, funding for schools, houses and other fan experiences which can’t be purchased for any amount of money," continued Mr. Schroeder.

"Money from the sales of these cards (which might be limited to generate demand and increase values) will help drive revenue to sponsors and thus tie them into the Fantasy Football revenue for the first time in history.  Since sponsors see an immediate ROI from the fantasy sales, we allocate a portion of this new profit to populate the Digital Drawing Engine where 10s of thousands of prizes will be awarded at a grand ‘Bowl’ type experience at the end of the season.  This endears the entire country to a name brand, while providing the brand an entirely new revenue stream, all while helping local communities.  We think this model revolutionizes the value of sponsorship and brand citizenship as we know it today," continued Mr. Schroeder.

About IntelaText

IntelaText specializes in Customer Engagement Technologies, with a heavy emphasis on Mobile. With a footprint spanning the entire globe, the company deploys over 22 different 'touch' technologies, combining them for custom engagement strategies focusing on personalization and timely response. Technologies include: Geo-Targeting, Sniffing, Mobile Apps (Cloud-based & Native), Interactive Gaming, Sweepstakes/Voting/Polling, Viral Marketing Campaigns, Mobile Photo Share, Augmented Reality, NFC/RFID, 3D animation, Video Texting and more...All in over 200 Languages and Dialects.

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