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TV Equipment and Television Update



With the purchase of the NewTek TriCaster the UBA and EFLI is building arguably the highest quality and most cost effective television broadcast unit in all of Asia. The production team putting the unit together was hired by the National Basketball Association five years ago to experiment with TriCaster units to try and ease the dramatically rising costs of producing local NBA games. It has been an overwhelming success. We have "de-bugged" the TriCaster units and have helped turn the equipment from "just a way to produce games cheap," into a way to produce games at the highest quality level" while cutting costs from the traditional truck method by 80%.

The equipment we have purchased for approximately $350,000 (including the extremely high Indian taxes) will provide the quality of broadcast that would normally come from a $4 to $5 million production truck. These trucks typically rent for approximately $15,000 per day (price does not include crew, just the truck and one engineer). For the 14-day period we are shooting our first UBA season it would have cost approximately $175 to $225,000 for truck rental, depending on the truck and the price we could negotiate. Our unit will easily pay for itself after two trips to India.

We have purchased six cameras, and each of these cameras gives us the diversity of using them as independent units for producing stories, another saving of $500 per day for each feature we produce. It also gives us enough cameras to produce football games, so we don't need to buy more gear when the EFLI season starts.

If properly maintained this system should last several years and give us the foundation to build around for many years to come.

There is no question that TriCaster is the future of sports television, and the future is NOW!



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