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Inter College Tackle Football Games - Amritsar turns EFLI battleground

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Inter College Tackle Football Games  - Amritsar turns EFLI battleground


Guru Nanak Dev University turned host and victor of the first ever Inter-Collegiate Tackle Football Games in Amritsar. The event was conducted at the university grounds on the 17th and 18th September. Amandeep Riar and Gurmuk Singh Bava were at hand to coach the players, while professional star Himanshu Sehgal volunteered to help conduct the games.


Pradeep, the co-ordinator of American Football at GNDU played his hand too in turning the event into a memorable one for the players and spectators.


The event saw four colleges battle each other in Amritsar - GNDU Campus College, DAV Jalandhar, DAV Amritsar and the Khalsa Physical Education College.


There were six matches in all leading to a brilliant victory to the GNDU team. The competition was played in a League Format and the team with highest points was declared the winner.


The results of the six games are summarized here -

Game 1 : GNDU Campus WON  against DAV Jalandar 24 points to 16 points

Game 2 : DAV Amritsar WON against Khalsa Physical Education College 8 points to Nil

Game 3 : GNDU Campus WON against DAV Amritsar 8 points to Nil

Game 4 : DAV Jalandar Won Against Khalsa Physical Education College 18 points to Nil

Game 5 : DAV Jalandar WON against DAV Amritsar 20 points to Nil

Game 6 : GNDU campus WON against Khalsa Physical Education College 6 points to Nil



The points tally of the teams was as under at the end of the league stage -

GNDU Campus with 9 points from 3 wins

DAV jalandar with 6 points with 2 wins

DAV Amritsar with 3 points with 1 win

Khalsa Physical Education College with 0 points with no wins


Nachhatar Singh of DAV College, Jalandhar was declared the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.



The event served to create plenty of excitement around the college circuit in Amritsar, which is quickly adding to the schools providing a growing feeder channel of players to the EFLI.

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