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Mumbai Gladiators: Ready to break through the traffic

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Life is busy in Mumbai and for the bunch of gladiators that take time away from their work and daily business, a trip to the Oval at the Churchgate is a near pilgrimage. Most of these men ride the local train from far away suburbs to come meet their team members for a gruelling session of workouts under the watchful eyes of Vaibhav Patil. Vaibhav cut his teeth around the gymnasiums of central Mumbai, where he found thriving joy as a body builder. His burly physique allowed access to the world of Rugby players in and around Mumbai, before he found his way further along the road as a coach in the nascent EFLI. Vaibhav is putting his team through the paces at the Oval and sometimes at the Bombay Gymkhana where they train patiently in preparation for the league. Word is that the matches shall be played this winter across the country – exact dates though are still in the works. American football is marked for its contrasting demands on the players practicing this demanding craft. You could fit in a high school student in the space between an outside linebacker and a middle linebacker. The former is typically…

EFLI: Understanding the quarterback

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In the searing intensity of a deeply physical battle, the quarterback is the leader of men. He is expected to be strong in body and mind, able to impose will and guile to push his opponents back even as he leads the charge for his team.After all, football in this form is as much about gaining yards as it is about the orgasmic act of chest heaving touchdowns. description. Given the exalted position of the QB in the scheme of a football match, there is a natural burden of responsibility that comes with the territory. The rewards are commensurate too – the joy of driving the team deep into the enemy’s lair and the scent of the end zone are beyond description. The quarterback runs the play for his team. Upon receiving the snap from the centre in a scrimmage, the QB decides whether to pitch the ball to the running back or to one of the wide receivers to try and help his team forage ahead on the field. At times the QB can decide to sneak ahead without passing the ball. The objective is to advance at least ten yards downfield toward enemy space and each team has…